Treatment Options for ADHD

A Leading Pediatrics Clinic Explains ADHD in Children

Dr. Nafees Khan and Dr. David Bunker of Franklin Pediatrics in Quad Cities (Moline, IL), are leading skilled doctors who see many ADHD children. Our doctor wants every parent to know the facts about ADHD, and if you suspect your child has this disorder, there are treatment options that help to decrease the signs and symptoms.

What Are Adhd-Signs and Symptoms-Treatment Options?

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is ADHD for short. Please know that your child is in a group of millions of other children with ADHD, and treatment options exist. While there are no cures, you and your child can learn how to manage this disorder to realize successful adulthood.

This disorder affects children aged four to 17, and there are different levels of this disorder, meaning that some children struggle daily. Boys are three times more prone to this disorder than girls in the same age range.

Researchers have yet to find out the cause of this disorder. However, some suspect there may be differences in brain anatomy and function. Heredity may play a big part. Was the mother exposed to environmental toxins while pregnant or as a toddler? Certain medical conditions may exemplify the signs of this disorder.

Our doctor is well-versed in managing ADHD in children, and when you work alongside this doctor, you can successfully handle the symptoms. You will find the following common signs of ADHD.

  • Over Rambunctious
  • Hyperactive
  • Distracted
  • Focus Deficit
  • Troublesome Relationships with adults, siblings, and friends
  • Inability to pay attention to surroundings inside or outside
  • Lack of concentration in school and at home
  • Inability to listen or hear others
  • Disorganized
  • Lazy or procrastinator
  • Easily forgets
  • Fidgets and unable to sit still
  • Constantly talking
  • Inappropriate behaviors

Our doctor wants to help you and your child and offer treatment options such as behavioral therapy, diet changes to avoid carbohydrates and sugar, select vitamins, and positive reinforcement to the child. And, in severe cases, possibly prescribed medication.

We Can Help Your Child and You

Call Dr. Kahn and Dr. David Bunker at Franklin Pediatrics in Quad Cities (Moline, IL) at 309-762-0777 today. Our doctor explains that this disorder does not magically disappear as the child ages. The child carries these symptoms into adulthood. It is best to identify the signs of ADHD at the earliest possible age to get a hold of this disorder and start treatment early.

When a child learns how to manage their disorder early in life, it makes a significant difference when they enter adulthood. They now remember what they learned and understand how to turn the negative aspects of this disorder into a positive quality of life.

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